A Pre-Workout formulated by climbers, for climbing,

with ingredients to lift the mind and body.


The Story

For the better part of three decades, We've used just one dietary complement to optimize our climbing performance: coffee. And the bitter bean worked great but, without going full Armstrong, we wondered if other ergogenic products might be able to help us pull down.

We discovered firsthand that most supplements are a waste of money. But several ingredients' vetting by peer reviewed science made them noteworthy and promising. PreClimb is the culmination of these rare few that we found beneficial to our climbing performance, backed by science, and manufactured by Makers Nutrition, LLC, Hauppauge, NY.



No matter what you think of Creatine, I did my first one arm pull-up two weeks after starting a supplementation regimen. 

Beta Alanine has been shown to help battle acidosis, which is one of the contributing factors to forearm pump.

Citrulline Malate, when consumed before exercise has been shown to increase grip strength in tennis players. Not exactly a half-pad crimp, but the same idea!



Some routes make your brain hurt just trying to remember all the moves. Huperzine A and Phosphatidylserine may help you recall the beta for the next send, which may help you remain calm. 

We are all stressed--but especially so when 20-feet out from a crappy wired nut on smeared feet and crimpers.  The two mentioned above, along with Alpha GPC, may also help by keeping Cortisol (the so-called "stress hormone") at bay. 



We love caffeine, and most climbers we know do too. It’s a routine. Wake, get coffee, eat breakfast, go climb a rock.

We didn’t want to make a bunch of cracked-out climbers cursing us because they can’t keep their feet on the wall, but we did put some Guarana in there (about 100mg of caffeine worth) just to keep all the cylinders firing in your well-oiled machine.  




Q: How do I take PreClimb?

Take a scoop mixed with 8, or so, ounces of water, 20-30 minutes before you first dip your hands into your chalk bag. Have another scoop later in the day if you want, but don't exceed 2 scoops in a 24-hour period.

Q: What's with the tingly itchiness I feel after I drink it?

This is a common reaction from consuming Beta Alanine and, though strange feeling, is nothing to worry about.

Q: How much caffeine is in PreClimb?

A single scoop of PreClimb has about 100mg of caffeine from the herb Guarana.

Q: How do I climb 5.12?

There is no secret to climbing 5.12, it just takes work. Unless you possess a raw talent for pulling down, 5.12 will probably take more work than just Saturday and Sunday at the local crag. PreClimb can help you drag your butt to the climbing wall after your 8-hour slog at the office or jobsite. That little bit of extra training will have your friends looking to you to hang the draws.    


Crusher Brand launched in 2016 with the goal
of helping climbers climb better. 


Our PreClimb powder won’t turn you into a 5.12 crusher off the couch with just a few swigs (wouldn't that be a coup?), but our hope is that it will get you off the couch so you can put in the work that will make you a better climber. Training will make you a better climber and PreClimb can help you put in the work.

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Money Back Guarantee

No fuss here. There’s one way to find out if PreClimb is for you and that is to just try it. We want you to give it a whirl and want that experience to be everything we say it is. But, if you do try and find yourself unsatisfied with the goods then we want to make it right. Keep the product and we’ll refund the cost, no questions asked...just don't be mean. 

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